Browser automation for Selenium, Puppeteer and Playwright in the Cloud

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What is BrowserCloud

High Performance and Scalable solution for browser automation: run hundreds of browsers simultaneously in the cloud with real-time monitoring

Easily connect your favorite framework: Puppeteer, Selenium, Playwright; or use simple API

One tool for many applications: End-to-End Testing, Web Scraping, PDF/Image rendering, ... any web automation!

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Browsers on Scalable Platform

We manage a large grid of full-featured Chrome browsers running on high-performance AMD cores. Forget about setting dependencies, fonts, memory leaks, and maintaining your own infrastructure. Switch your automation scripts to the scalable cloud solution by changing just a few lines of code.

Parallel Testing

Take advantage of our cloud grid of browsers. Speed up your automated testing with parallel sessions using up to 100 headless browsers simultaneously.


Generate PDFs and Screenshots

Generate thousands of PDF reports/invoices in minutes. Make automated screenshots from any URL. Create images/banners/ads from your custom HTML using our API. Replace your current library with a pixel-perfect solution.

Dedicated Servers

for web scraping

Not only "JS Rendering" scraper - get a real browser with full control by using your favorite framework

Forget about "API Credits" and "Remaining GBs"

Rotating Proxies are included in the price

What Clients Say

Extremely useful service for rapid development and testing. Thanks for responsive support

Anne Warmack

Lead Engineer, Upleap

BrowserCloud is a great tool to perform automated browser tests quickly, we're very happy with it. We used to spend roughly 30 minutes running all tests, it's much easier now to use one endpoint to parallel them all

Christian Grigorjevas

CTO, Appbooster

After switching to, it already helped us quite a lot in preventing bugs to be released

Jonas Parker

Head of Development, TATUM

Simple & Transparent Pricing

Get started with 1,000 free API credits.
Upgrade later or stay on our "Pay as You Go" plan.


$0 /mo
  • 1,000 API Credits
  • 1 Concurrent requests
  • US & EU Proxy Geotargeting
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Pay As You Go

$0.002 /credit
  • $1 = 5,000 credits API Credits
  • 10 Concurrent requests
  • US & EU Proxy Geotargeting
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$19 /mo
  • 120,000 API Credits
  • 5 Concurrent requests
  • Proxies: US & EU
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$49 /mo
  • 400,000 API Credits
  • 20 Concurrent requests
  • Proxies: All Geotargeting
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$249 /mo
  • 3,000,000 API Credits
  • 100 Concurrent requests
  • Proxies: All Geotargeting
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All plans come with

  • JS Rendering

  • Smart Proxy Rotation

  • Desktop & Mobile User Agents

  • Screenshots

  • Automatic Retries

  • Premium Proxies

  • Custom Headers

  • PDF Rendering

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Geotargeting

  • Javascript scenarios

  • Frameworks support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BrowserCloud?

BrowserCloud is a service that helps you to solve scraping tasks of any complexity. With using of millions proxies around the World and a whole headless browser cluster we can provide you the best web harvesting and scraping experience.

What is an API Credit?

Each subscription plan contains a particular amount of API credits per month. Depending on the parameters you configures your API calls it will cost you from one to several credits. Request cost starts from 1 API credit. Learn more about requests costs.

Concurrent Requests

Every plan with BrowserCloud has a limited number of concurrent threads which limit the number of requests you can make in parallel to the API. The more concurrent threads your plan has the faster you can scrape a website.

I'm not a developer, how can use this service ?

BrowserCloud can be used to automate all things which you usually do with browser, we can describe the most popular scenarios among our current clients:
- Parallel launch QA tests for websites and applications.
- Any kinds of data extraction: competitor’s prices monitoring, any microdata, images, URLs.
- Automated screenshots from any URL, or image generation from HTML (for example: automated banner generation).
- Mass generation of various PDF reports / invoices built on data from any URL.
- Shortified/referral/affiliate links validation, redirects counting.
- Site logins and form submitting automation.
- Video capture from the browser, especially when we can't just download a file, eg. online streams

We don't use Node.js on our side, how can I use the service?

BrowserCloud provides REST API functions which allow to make screenshots, PDF, video capture. You can also run your custom javascript code. This doesn't require make changes on your side.

Proxies support

We support using third-party proxies. Also, we can provide our built-in proxies with fixed IP or rotating IPs (one country or multi-country), residential or mobile IP ranges for web scraping purposes.

Libraries support

We support Selenium-based libraries, Puppeteer and Playwright, check our documentation.